2017 Wedding Colour Trends

2017 Wedding Colour Trends

Looking for some 2017 wedding colour trends that better suit your style? There are couple of most used colours in 2017, have a look at these combinations from Elegant Wedding Invites:
1. Peach, Gold and Green

 2. Cranberry,Orange and Ivory

3. Gold,Burgundy and Green

4.Mauve, GrayNeutral

5. Navy, Coral and Gold

6. Natural White and Green

7. Red and Dark Gray

you may also want to try these trends;
Mauve and gray neutral
Lavender, pink and green
Cranberry orange and off white
Red and dark gray
Navy coral and gold
White and green
Gold and green
Gold burgundy and green
Aqua, cream and blush
Coral, teal and peach
French blue, blush and gold

which is your favourite? 

Mine is Natural White and Green.

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